Red Rabbit Bar

Red Rabbit Going STRONG!

This past Wednesday, marked the second year anniversary for the Red Rabbit in Midtown Sacramento.

I had every intention of attending their second anniversary event and taking a TON of photos for this post…
Unfortunately, my photo-taking skills went to the wayside.
BUT I didn’t want that to stop me from telling everyone about my absolute favorite restaurant in Sac!

I have been a HUGE fan since day one of this place. The eats are to die for. The decor is AWESOME. ย The drinks…take a look for yourself…

RR drinkPhoto fromย

The vibe is…THE vibe.

This is my “go-to” when anyone asks for restaurant/bar suggestions in Sac.

The food is local.
The drinks are specially crafted – all syrups are made in-house.
The White Linens are my fav. Extra cucumbers, please!
The menu is frequently updated with new, and improved, delicious treats.
The staff is friendly.

It’s the perfect joint for any occasion –
A laid-back hangout.
A dressy birthday celebration.
I’ve celebrated many-a birthdays, several bachelorette parties, and happy hours galore.

This place is hands-down my favorite Sactown spot.
AND it was quite apparent that other Sactown-ers feel the same way, as the restaurant was PACKED to the brim Wednesday night to celebrate two amazing years of

Red Rabbit BarI wouldn’t mind that chandelier at home…just sayin’.

We landed the “VIP” booth (somehow) with the best view of the bar, and right under the signature “RR” sign on the wall.

Red Rabbit RR Booth

If you haven’t been here yet, you’re seriously behind the times, and I strongly suggest you try it out! If you need someone to go with…I’m in.

Congrats to the RR team for an amazing 2 years! Here’s to many more to come!

2 thoughts on “Red Rabbit Going STRONG!

  1. keri knight-nurge says:

    Thank you so for such kind words!
    Your support and loyalty keep us thriving and we appreciate it!
    Have a great day!
    P.s. you can purchase a similar chandelier at Restoration Hardware;)

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