Conquering Copaxone – Warrior Princess Style

Today was the big day!
Every time I’ve opened the fridge in the last week, that scary box of needles has been staring me in the face! I know I’ve been very positive about this whole thing, but…a box of needles…still trying to find a positive there…


The most amazing nurse (Rachel, if you’re out there, you ROCK!) came out to my house today to go over everything, and show me how to give myself the daily injection. I was, of course, prepped with my ‘Warrior Princess Injection Tiara’ and Hello Kitty stickers (thank you, mom!). Rachel was prepped with less important things – practice syringes, cotton balls, etc. (okay, they may have played a slightly important role).

We practiced on little Nerf-like balls, prepped syringes, & alcohol swabbed away until I was ready (ready? Or just didn’t have a good excuse to put it off any longer) to try it for ‘real-sies’. The Autoject2 (not 1…), is my new best friend, and gives the injection with just the press of a button! All I have to do is load it, which sounds so simple, but man, that thing is ‘foreign’ (as mom calls it).

I’ll be switching up injection sites each day…


I was most concerned about the injection in my thigh (had a not-so-pleasant experience with a needle there in a recent test), so we started there today.

It was pretty much the worst thing…ever. Ha! Okay, no, it wasn’t, but it was definitely worse than pickle juice in your eye. Ellen DeGeneres…anyone? Pickle claw? No? Okay.
If you haven’t seen her HBO special ‘Here & Now’, I suggest you stop reading this and watch it IMMEDIATELY.

Anyway, the needle was NBD (yes, NBD). The 10-20 seconds after the needle were not-so-NBD. The nurse described it as feeling like a ‘bee sting’.


I was about 5 the last time I was stung by a bee (and didn’t really get ‘stung’ so much as I stepped on the bee…after seeing it on the ground…not sure what I was thinking), so I don’t remember too well how that felt. I’m sure it’s nothing like this because this was the worst thing ever. :) Not really, just a pretty intense burning for about 15-20 minutes, and a gorgeous welt (the nurse said I had “a pretty big one! (insert ‘that’s what she said’ joke here) Congratulations!”
High-fives were exchanged.


Maybe you can’t see it, but I was thinking “please, hurry and take this picture…ouch…it’s starting to BURN!”

And the first injection was done! Phew!

Thank you to –
Rachel, the amazing nurse, who made everything so much easier!
The fam, who made everything as hilarious as it could be.
My ‘Warrior Princess Injection Tiara’ & Hello Kitty stickers for…being you.
You rock.

Ohmygosh. AND to Petey…for…being really cute.

4 thoughts on “Conquering Copaxone – Warrior Princess Style

  1. Claudia says:

    Hi CoJo – so great to spend time with you and, yes, Petey and the rest of the fam (canine and human) this weekend. You are the warrior princess indeed! Much love, Aunt C.

  2. Juli says:

    I can’t even imagine giving myself injections. Just thinking about it makes my skin all crawly and shivery… Blech.

    So… Bravo! You’ve got some awesome courage!

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