Seriously Overwhelmed…Seriously.

I cannot thank everyone enough for the love & support coming my way. I know I keep saying this, but I am seriously overwhelmed and appreciate you all so, so very much!

Having all of you by my side is making this all so much easier.

Petey’s auntie, and a best friend of mine, ordered these shirts for Petey and his brother, Charlie, today. :) Thank you B!

Pictures of the little guys rockin’ these coming soon!

I just bought Awkward Bitch – My Life with MS on my Kindle (for just $3…Kindle, you continue to amaze me). She sounds amazing – classy, sassy & hilarious (kind of like me… ;) just kidding).

I would love any suggestions for positive, inspirational, informative, or just plain silly, books to read. Send ’em my way! Time to make good use out of this Kindle-friend of mine. :)

One last thing…

4 thoughts on “Seriously Overwhelmed…Seriously.

  1. La Tache says:

    Courtney J****, You are beautiful, strong and inspirational!! YOU CAN DO IT! You and your family are in my prayers and thoughts!! Let me know if you need anything! I would love to send you a care package of all kinds of goodies! ;-) Keep your chin up and keep smiling!

  2. Catherine says:

    Love your pupper picture! Your attitude is amazing. One day at a time and you’ll be just fine! Keep that beautiful smile of yours! Thank you for visiting my blog and glad I found you! :)

    • c.jones says:

      Thank you! I have found that because I was sure I was living with MS before I even knew that I was, nothing had really changed. Now, I just had an actual diagnosis. So, I’m keeping up the positive attitude. Thank YOU for visiting my blog, and I’m glad I found YOU! :)

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